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The Rabbit Hole: Politics & Prose

Jun 28, 2019

What happens when those who believed a lie, refuse to back away from it once the truth is discovered? With the end of the Mueller investigation, and the insistence still on Russian Collusion, can we learn a lesson from the 19th century's greatest con man?

All this and more on The Rabbit Hole: Politics & Prose.

Jun 21, 2019

It is the small and overlooked details of history that often shape the course of humanity. The grand ideas of modern politicians who seek to sweep all of our past aside for their own machinations are overlooking the small events that really make the big difference.

The Battle of Agincourt, the Green New Deal, and a...

Jun 14, 2019

Stories contain the very seeds of freedom. When our stories and legends are adapted for new generations by powerful forces, it is not to make accessible material, but rather to remove the purpose and the heart. It is this heart of a story that creates new nations, new revolutions against old tyrannies. In the...

Jun 7, 2019

Why do protests seem less effective today than they did just a few short years ago? Thousands of people on the streets, marching, yet nothing actually seems to change. Could it be that what we see as protests are really stage-managed events designed with another motive in mind? And what of the idea that it is...