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The Rabbit Hole: Politics & Prose

May 18, 2021

Society has become a convenience service. Its sole purpose now appears to be an automaton that delivers to you your every whim and desire. Whether it's "on-demand" streaming services, same-day delivery, or moving away from the innocuous, it brings you peace, safety, and the ability never to feel threatened or face challenges ever again. Is this the end result of thousands of years of culture? Is this what we have shaped the global human effort to achieve? Cut-price TV delivered to a handset you can hold while you wait for a drone to bring you a processed, pre-packaged meal? Safe in the knowledge that any soul who dares think differently to you will be punished by the state. Where did we go wrong?

Perhaps more importantly, we should be asking whether this was a linear path for human history, or is it an aberration that we should be using our unique intelligence to solve just like any other problem?

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